Karen Nadine

Karen Nadine

Exploring the dark, illusive dreams and dreamscapes.
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Dark Houses

To see a building as if it exists in another dimension is what challenges me when trying to capture buildings. I am not really into sharp abstract architectural photography, I favor those vibes where one might doubt if the building was recently shot. You might call it a retro or …

Strange Worlds

One of those magic moments is when looking through my camera I see how different worlds appear. Existing, non existing, fantasy, surreal. I have to capture them how I see them. Enjoy this diverse collection.


A few years back I discovered a really strong attraction towards photographing mannequins (dolls) in shopping windows. At first I got frustrated by all the reflections one cannot ignore, but then I learned how to embrace these strange lights and reflections. They add that specific vibe to the photo, I …

Dark Vibes

The best thing would perhaps be to only show my latest work, I have improved my skills throughout the years and also developed a feeling for objects I like to photograph, as well as ways to edit. But I would not have been able to reach this point without all …