When wandering around I see worlds within worlds, doors to a different dimension.

For many years I have felt insecure when photographing, one of the reasons for this is that many subjects felt less challenging to me to capture.

Someone once told me I tend to criticize my own work to a point I feel it is not worth sharing, I think he was right. I do this, I get disappointed when the magic of the moment, which I experience when photographing, is not reflected in the result. So many of my photos are stored on my computer without being shared, since I feel they miss something, and also many are in poor quality. Due to my undeveloped skills sometimes, and older cameras as well. One subject that has become very special to me is photographing on cemeteries, for this subject I created the Facebook page Unforgotten Ones back in 2015.
When evolving as a photographer (mainly focusing on cemetery photography) I could relate and connect to other subjects in a better way. What also helped me are some great small Facebook groups where artistic creativity is appreciated, seeing what others are sharing helped me to find my own creative flow. Also, the support and encouraging and kind words shared in those groups helped me feeling more self secured about my own photographic and edit skills.

I love to capture any item and go to the virtual darkroom and add a certain mood to it, that way I feel my photos get a special vibe. Of course, I understand this is not for everyone to like, some just love to see a perfect capture of a beautiful flower. I am not that kind of photographer, even though I admire those who do so.
For me it is more about finding the right vibe that fits the subject, to create a visual story and bring nonexisting worlds to live.
Sometimes I get comments that my subjects are unrecognizable, for me that is part of the charm since I feel you have to sense certain photos, not analyze them.

Sharing my photos is my invitation to you to open up for different vibes and sense this virtual story I will tell, in bits and bytes, with loose ends and without setting goals or determine a path I want to follow.
This is me following my own creative flow, and I hope I can make you feel welcome to follow me and see where it will lead me.

You are more than welcome to follow me on Facebook and Instagram, those are the only two social media I use to get inspired and inspire by sharing my own art.
Some of my photos are available as a print, offered via Fine Art America.

Karen Nadine