Churches Ticino

When visiting Ticino, a region in Switzerland, there were a few old, tiny, churches I have visited.

One of them was the (11th Century) Negrentino Romanesque church of San Carlo, located on the old Nara mule-track. It is one of the most remarkable in Ticino, renowned thanks to its stunning architectural layout as well as its precious Romanesque and late-Gothic frescoes.

IĀ fell in love instantly with the small church of San Remigio, located in Corzonesofraction of (Acquarossa) in Blenio Valley.

Dating back to the Romanesque period, according to documents, the church was built around 1200. I have been told there is a long going discussion between locals which of these churches is the oldest.

When viewing the ruins of Costello Di Saravella at first we got a bit lost, and discovered another old church, I can’t remember the village anymore.

Near the ruins was a small chapel Chiesa di Santa Maria del Castello.

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