Dark Vibes

The best thing would perhaps be to only show my latest work, I have improved my skills throughout the years and also developed a feeling for objects I like to photograph, as well as ways to edit.

But I would not have been able to reach this point without all the endless efforts I made to improve my edit skills, to learn how to ‘read and feel’ my own photos and know how they speak to me. A few days ago I was watching a show where a painter was interviewed, she spoke words that felt magical to me ‘I never know what to paint, I let the painting communicate with me, it tells me what it needs and that is what I add to the painting’.

Nowadays there are moments that in the moment of capturing something I know exactly how to edit it, but then there are also so many photos for which I have no clue. I love to browse my old work and let them speak to me.

Here are some of my old works, these photos were taken somewhere between 2010 and 2016 but edited in the last two years. Many of these photos were taken on one of my cemetery trips, if you are interested in my photos on this subject please visit Unforgotten Ones on Facebook and Cemetery Photographs, this is a Dutch site but most photos speak in all languages.

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