Limone sul Garda

During holiday and in weekends I love to dwell small villages and cities. Let me take you on a virtual tour, like I did before in Roaming the Streets.

This time I show you Limone sul Garda, a small town at Lake Garza, Italy.

The town was named Limone San Giovanni in 1863 and acquired its current name – Limone Sul Garda – in 1904. The first settlements found in the surrounding areas of Benaco (the ancient name of the lake) date back to the Neolithic period. The name Limon, often transformed into Limonum, Limono and Limone, appears on many documents from the 10th century. According to some, the name derives from limen, which means border, or lima, which means river. It therefore does not come from the word lemon, but also “derives from an ancient Celtic word, limo or lemos, which means elm.”

Source Commune Di Limone

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