Who am I

My photos are shared through http://www.karennadine.com

Which data is collected and why


When visitors leave a comment on the site the data from the form, IP address and browser user agent are collected to detect and prevent spam.
An anonymous string, based on your email address can be sent to Gravatar service (should you use this). Their privacy policy can be found here. After your approval your profile photo is shown in the comment field.


When you leave a comment on my site you can determine if you want your name, email and website stored in a cookie, this might be easy so you don’t need to fill in again when revisiting my site and give comments. These cookies are valid for one year.


With who is your data shared

No third parties.

How long your data is stored

The date you use when filling in the comment form is stored forever on this domain. That way future responses can be regocnized and approved automatically.

Rights you own

Of course you can contact the site owner and ask for comments to be deleted if you don’t have this option yourself.