The silhouette of Zierikzee has been making good impressions for six centuries and more. Many of the walls, gates, churches, towers and windmills of those long-gone days are still with us today, among them 500-plus monuments.

A little history, Zierikzee, then located on the island of Schouwen, received city rights in 1248. In 1304, a fleet commissioned by the French and Dutch defeated a Flemish fleet in the naval Battle of Zierikzee.

It was in 1248 that Zierikzee received its town charter. By the medieval era, it had acquired a strategic importance: between 1414 and 1576 fires reduced to partial or complete ashes several times.

The wars of the 20th centuries had their impact too. In WW1, an off-course British bomber dropped several bombs on Zierikzee, killing three citizens. In the decades after the Second World War, some 30 million kilos of munition were dumped in the (deep) Gat van Zierikzee in the Oosterschelde estuary – and remain there today.

Source VVV Zeeland

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